Vastfontein Community Transformation is a non-profit company that focuses on the development and social upliftment of its surrounding communities. We are situated about 40km north of Pretoria near Hammanskraal and Soshanguve.

Our vision is to release people to reach their dreams and build a better future. We raise, educate and equip future leaders from communities in need. Our focus is on educating children in our Pre-Primary (Early Childhood Development), Primary and High school.

We focus on community transformation through the following activities:
Our School, Care Homes, a School of Church Planting, a Wellness Centre, a thriving congregation and an adult training centre focusing on agricultural training. In each Care Home we have a house mom and six children. The School of Church Planting train lay pastors and we train micro farmers in collaboration with AFGRI in our adult training centre. The Wellness Centre has three full-time social workers, occupational therapists and a child psychologist that volunteer their time on a weekly basis. A volunteer doctor works in our clinic every Friday.

NEWS FLASH: We have a sponsor parent programme starting at R 350/child. If you are interested in helping us raise tomorrow’s leaders, email us:

Be Part Of this Change, Get Involved

Vastfontein is a place where every little face gets a smile and every heart is touched. It is such a privilege to know each person at Vastfontein and to be changed by their love and passion. They make God tangible to anyone who meets them!
– Rolindi Devenish from PwC

Today, growing up in a rural region in Southern Africa often means growing up without a decent education. Rural people are often caught in the vicious cycle of having no access to the services and opportunities that might lift them out of poverty – education, gainful employment, adequate nutrition, infrastructure and communications. Although the government’s feeding scheme is of great help, it’s the only meal of the day for some learners; therefore it’s just not sufficient to feed all children properly. Poverty and illiteracy remain as an overwhelmingly rural phenomenon. Education for rural people lies at the heart of rural development and this is fundamental for reducing poverty worldwide. A crucial issue is that the curriculum used must be relevant to rural people’s needs. Linking school with the community will enable teachers to improve the quality and relevance of the education they are providing. It is an accepted fact that rural people with basic education are more likely to adopt new technology and become more productive, and can deal better with change. However, there are no quick fixes for providing education to the rural poor; this requires a long-term effort and commitment, with concerted action at the local, national and international level.

Dr. Jurie Joubert
Senior Lecturer, Education, CPUT
WELLINGTON, South Africa!

So, what can you do about it?

At Vastfontein Community Transformation we foster, nurture and educate tomorrow’s leaders.

Our aim is to raise leaders, release their potential and assist them to reach their dreams!

All of us are on a journey. Part of this journey is walking and interacting with people. We can choose to make a difference in the journey of someone else or to remain secluded in our own worlds – never impacting or blessing another person.